New Report: A New Look at Market Tier and Ranking Systems

May 11, 2020

The NAIOP Research Foundation has published a new report titled "A New Look at Market Tier and Ranking Systems," by Maria Sicola, Charles Warren, Ph.D., and Megan Weiner, CityStream Solutions, LLC.

Key Takeaways:
  • Market tier and ranking reports vary from each other because each uses a methodology that is tailored to a specific objective.
  • Even the most comprehensive market-tier models are not suitable for every application. Each is designed for a different audience, such as the general public, industry insiders or specific clients with specialized needs.
  • Ranking markets may not always be the optimal way to categorize and compare them to each other. Ranking works well when tailored to the needs of a specific investor, but is less useful to audiences seeking to understand how different markets compare to one another.
  • The authors recommend transitioning from one-dimensional tier and ranking models to a two-dimensional comparison of each market's size to its potential risk and return.
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