Upskill Your Staff With NAIOP's Newly Updated Course: Advanced Development Practices

June 24, 2024

Advanced Development Practices details the key tasks, teams and stakeholders in each of the seven stages of real estate development.

Incorporating real life examples and case studies, it enables learners to better understand why each task should be addressed across multiple stages of development, goes over the steps that must take place for a project to succeed, and recommends best practices and strategies for completing these tasks.

Designed for: Developers, owners, investors, land planners, engineers, brokers and construction professionals

After completing the course, learners will be able to:
  • Define and explain the eight sets of tasks that are required in each stage of development
  • Define and explain the subtasks in each major task category
  • Recognize why each task must be addressed even if the developer decides to undertake multiple stages of development
  • Estimate property value using the discounted cash flow approach

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