Legislative Summer Update: Minneapolis City Council Election & All of Mpls

August 1, 2023

It's Election Season in Minneapolis again.

In November, all 13 city council seats will be on the ballot. This election will decide if moderates or extreme activists will set the agenda for the city. Voting begins on September 22.

In 2021, the city was in the shadows of the George Floyd riots and the pandemic. Far left activists were supporting a charter amendment to defund the police department and were challenging Mayor Frey and most city council members.

The commercial real estate industry, the business community, DFLers, Republicans and Independents all recognized the critical importance of the 2021 election to the future of Minneapolis. So All of Mpls was formed.

All of Mpls is an Independent Expenditure Committee which raises and spends money to elect pragmatic, moderate officials and support effective, moderate governance in Minneapolis.

In 2021, All of Mpls set four election goals:
  • Defeat the “defund the police” charter amendment.
  • Re-elect Mayor Frey.
  • Elect a moderate majority (at least 7) to the city council.
  • Pass the charter amendment giving the mayor more executive powers.

With broad community support, all of these goals were achieved.

The progress made in the 2021 election is at risk in the 2023 election. In 2023, Far left activists are again challenging many of the city council members. All of Mpls will again act to support pragmatic, moderate candidates.

We all know that a moderate, functioning government in Minneapolis is necessary not only to Minneapolis, but to the entire metro region, and the state of Minnesota.

Get Involved in All of Mpls

If you are interested in helping, go to the All of Mpls website (allofmpls.org) for more information, or contact Kaye Rakow (612-801-1089) or Rich Forschler (612-718-3501). You can also join a Zoom discussion with Kaye, Rich and the Public Policy Committee on Sept. 14 at 8:00 am. Info & registration »

NAIOP will also provide updates and opportunities for members to learn more about All of Mpls and the Minneapolis elections.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out!

Roz Peterson, Public Policy Director
roz@naiopmn.org | (612) 708-5281