Representing Commercial Real Estate and Its Tenants

NAIOP is commercial real estate in Minnesota and the job-creating businesses that are its tenants. NAIOP members invest in, develop, build and manage existing and new properties, creating and sustaining jobs.

The Minnesota businesses that occupy commercial real estate face intense national and global competition. This includes with business property taxes, transportation costs and government regulation.

The largest of these burdens is one that business has no control over: the Minnesota general property tax. This extra tax limits employers’ ability to invest back into their business and to reinvest in their community. All businesses pay this tax, no matter on size, location or profitability.

NAIOP Minnesota works with policymakers to reduce the burdens on business owners, entrepreneurs and employers. NAIOP shapes policies that encourage businesses to stay, invest and expand in Minnesota.

Top Priority
- Business Property Tax Relief 

Additional Priorities
- Valuation of Properties
- Assessments
- Government Transparency at the Municipal Level
- Transportation
- Local Building Codes
- Solid Waste Disposal Taxes

Prior Success
- Property Tax Classification Change
- Land Use
- Fiscal Disparities
- Warehouse Tax
- Municipal Street Improvement Districts
- Park Dedication Fees

Connect with NAIOP Minnesota's Public Policy Committee

Chair: Phil Cattanach, The Opus Group
Email Phil | (952) 656-4777

Vice Chair: Nancy Martel, Kraus-Anderson
Email Nancy | (612) 335-2774

Our Issues

NAIOP Minnesota supports public policy that is pro-business and keeps Minnesota’s economy healthy and competitive. NAIOP Minnesota’s priority issues are business property taxes, local government transparency, and fiscal disparities.

Business Property Taxes

Minnesota employers currently face an extra tax burden, on top of local property taxes, that is impacting the state’s ability to keep and attract businesses.

Local Government Transparency

More transparency is needed in identifying where taxes are being spent.

Fiscal Disparities

As the value of the area-wide tax base has grown and the demand for public revenue sources has increased, proposals to use the program for both private and public projects have emerged, heightening the concern of NAIOP Minnesota members and their tenants.


NAIOP provides strong advocacy, education and business opportunities and connects its members through a powerful North American Network.


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