The Amazing Power of a Penny

Since 1989, the NAIOP Minnesota's Penny Per Square Foot (PPSF) Fund has unified commercial property owners/managers and their business tenants to fund initiatives to improve Minnesota’s business climate.

Voluntary contributions to the PPSF Fund by many committed member companies have enabled NAIOP to mount vigorous, aggressive, and strategic campaigns to defend commercial/industrial property taxpayers over the years.

Current Success & Ongoing Top Priority

  • Business Property Tax Relief and Reform
  • - Reduction in the State General Levy
    - Elimination of the automatic inflator

Prior Successes

  • Property Tax Classification Change
  • Municipal Street Improvement Districts
  • Warehouse Tax (2013, 2014, 2016)
  • Land Use (2011, 2012 & ongoing)
  • Fiscal Disparities (2007-2012)
  • Park Dedication Fees (2007, 2012)

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Contact NAIOP staff for more information: Email NAIOP or call (952) 928-4647.


NAIOP Minnesota supports public policy that is pro-business and keeps Minnesota’s economy healthy and competitive.