Position: Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer will be responsible for overseeing the operations of all mechanical, plumbing, life safety, and electrical systems located at the 330,000 SF International Market Square (“IMS”), as well as any other duties assigned by Eagle Ridge Partners (“ERP”). The Chief Engineer must demonstrate the ability to proactively prioritize needs and effectively manage resources; take the initiative and anticipate problems before they occur; manage a small team of engineers and generalists and administer their duties; and communicate professionally and effectively with tenants, visitors, management, and anyone else they encounter on the job. The hours for this position are 6:00 AM until 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday, but may be altered or changed by ERP at its sole discretion. The Chief Engineer also will be included on the regular weekly on-call rotation.

Essential Job Functions

  • Evaluate, repair, maintain, and document plumbing, mechanical, fire/life safety, electrical, and HVAC systems in the building, including carrying out all necessary inspections and preventative maintenance on such systems
  • Maintain relationships with all necessary vendors as the building might require, and coordinate receiving bids, executing service agreements and purchase orders in accordance with company policy
  • Communicate regularly with property manager and general manager about spending and future planning, in addition to passing along any tenant communication as needed
  • Assist in preparing and controlling annual maintenance budgets and a 5-10 year capital plan, including reviewing necessary trade publications regarding building systems and periodic analysis/recommendations regarding system upgrades
  • Manage a team of building engineers and generalists, including administering duties and managing responsibilities
  • Receive and respond to tenant reports of mechanical or maintenance issues in their premises in a personable and helpful manner
  • Input all tenant requests and work to Building Engines software to maintain records for all services requested
  • Learn and maintain the building energy management system to help decrease energy costs and strike the balance between energy and operational efficiency and tenant comfort
  • Maintain corporate safety procedures at all times and respond to all emergency situations as needed, including developing an emergency preparedness protocol for the new tenant handbook
  • Maintain a clean and organized dock and office, and assist in maintaining a high-quality commercial look and feel to the building at large
  • Any other duties that may become necessary or are assigned by Eagle Ridge Partners

Basic Requirements

  • 8+ of HVAC experience, including hands-on responsibility for repairs and maintenance of building systems in a commercial setting
  • Two years vocational certificate in HVAC or comparable studies, with knowledge of boilers, chillers, VAV’s, associated pumps, pneumatic and electronic temperature control systems and associated components
  • Electrical and plumbing knowledge with a history in carrying out preventative maintenance procedures
  • Working knowledge of door hardware locks, automatic door controls, and related components
  • Basic computer skills and ability to operate building automation systems
  • Demonstrate awareness and commitment to safe work practices and the personal safety of others, including following any safety policies implemented by building management and promptly reporting any unsafe conditions or defective equipment to the rest of the management staff
  • If required to operate equipment, does so in a safe manner and according with policies and procedures
  • Punctuality in both arriving to the office and showing up for meetings
  • Must be able to work standing or sitting, lift up to 70 lbs., follow written and oral instructions, and work at heights and under equipment as required by job function

Rules and Regulations

  • Receive service calls and delivery requests on phone provided by ERP both during work hours and after hours (employee will be paid for actual work engaged in after working hours so employee needs to track this time)
  • Must wear business casual uniform to be provided by employer
  • Maintain appropriate Minnesota 1-C Boiler License

To apply

Please send a copy of your resumé and a brief cover letter to Property Manager, Max Minea at


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