Volunteer of the Year

Awarded for outstanding volunteer involvement and initiatives.

2018 Volunteer of the Year: Phil Cattanach

NAIOP Minnesota has announced Phil Cattanach as its Volunteer of the Year. This award recognizes the tradition of high quality activities made possible through the time and talents of NAIOP’s volunteers. With nominations coming from his fellow members, Phil, Senior Director of Real Estate Development with Opus Development Company, was recognized for his many contributions to NAIOP.

During Phil’s multi-year term as chair of the Public Policy Committee, he championed the association’s leadership in representing Minnesota’s commercial real estate industry and the job-creating businesses that are its tenants. Phil made numerous appearances testifying in front of state legislative committees and encouraged members to understand the impact of NAIOP’s public policy work both in Minnesota and in DC. Under Phil's leadership, the association received NAIOP’s 2018 national award for public policy initiatives.

On behalf of NAIOP members, thank you Phil!


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