NAIOP Minnesota President's Message to Minnesota Business Leaders and State Policymakers

“The ripple effect of development on our state’s economy will only continue to take place if business owners, investors and all employers are confident that they can grow and prosper in Minnesota.”

Sonja Dusil
First Vice President, CBRE
2015 President, NAIOP Minnesota

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2013 Property Tax Talking Points

NAIOP Minnesota's 2013 Property Tax Talking Points
For Minnesota's thousands of job-creating small businesses, Fortune 500 employers, and our tens of thousands of entrepreneurs innovating and working to build a brighter economic future...


...and the costs that matter most are the fixed costs they cannot control, such as the property taxes they must pay on the buildings they own or in which they lease space to office or operate.

Talking points from previous years

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Your Property Taxes
Gain a better understanding of Minnesota's property tax system.

Comparative Tax Study
Comparative Tax Study
A status report on business property taxes and the ability of Minnesota's employers to compete.

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Sharing the Wealth
Sharing the Wealth
A publication designed to educate metro area commercial and industrial property taxpayers about the Fiscal Disparities program.

Press release about the Fiscal Disparities publication

Family Night at the Movies NAIOP Minnesota's Business Taxation Study
Based on a study from the Minnesota Taxpayers Association

Full MTA study | MTA Press Release | Star Tribune editorial on MTA study

NAIOP Minnesota City Survey 2005 City Survey
NAIOP Minnesota's City Survey asked metro area municipalities to detail their fees and processing time for a proposed bread and butter 50,000 square foot office/warehouse building.


Hidden Funds
2005 Hidden Funds
A look at state revenue and spending that most taxpayers never see.