The NAIOP Minnesota Political Action Committee (PAC):
One of the best investments you can make

We’re asking you to contribute as generously as you can and no contribution is too small.

Two ways to contribute to the PAC
  1. Make your contribution online

  2. Mail a check to:
    NAIOP Minnesota PAC
    4248 Park Glen Road
    Minneapolis, MN 55416

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PAC?

PAC is an acronym, which stands for “political action committee.” It is a legal entity through which individuals can pool their personal dollars and contribute to candidates for political office.

How long has NAIOP's PAC existed?
In 1998, NAIOP’s Board of Directors decided to add a strong, political action arm to its already long established and battle-proven legislative program by establishing a PAC named the “Leadership Fund.”

According to Dave Jellison, Liberty Property Trust and 1998 Board Chair, “The fund will be dedicated to electing individuals to state positions who understand the importance of contributions made by the commercial real estate community.   Contributions facilitate the creation of a stronger Minnesota economy, and demonstrate support for a property tax system that will not have commercial/industrial properties carrying a disproportional percentage of the tax burden.”

What is the goal of NAIOP's PAC?
Our goal is to raise the money required to be a significant force in identifying and financially supporting—to the limit of the law—those candidates for office who share our concern for Minnesota’s economic future and the property tax burden on business properties.

Why do I have to give personal dollars to a PAC?
Minnesota law says that no corporate dollars can be given to candidates running for state or local office. For example, Penny Per Square Foot funds, or a check from your company, cannot be used for this purpose.

I already contribute to candidates of my choice. Why should I contribute to NAIOP's PAC?
Because of our collective impact on the election of candidates who understand our concerns and support our issues.  Legislative leaders will recognize the breadth and resources of our industry when we make directed contributions through NAIOP’s PAC.

Why should I contribute my hard-earned personal dollars to my industry's PAC?
It is in your best interest to make a personal investment in the industry in which you make your living.  It is an investment in your livelihood—the industry that writes your paycheck, and pays your commissions.

I'm new to the industry and can't contribute like the big guns!
The industry offers you an incredible opportunity for success—invest in that success.  Even if your contribution is small, combined with contributions from hundreds of other NAIOP members, your dollars will have an impact.