Letter from Public Policy Chair

NAIOP Minnesota is passionate about our state’s business climate and the role that commercial real estate plays in its success. Our members invest in, develop, build and manage existing and new properties, creating and sustaining thousands of jobs every year.

Minnesota employers, many of which are small business that occupy NAIOP member’s commercial real estate spaces, face daily challenges that impact their ability to compete in the global marketplace, including property taxes, transportation costs and government regulation. The largest of these burdens is one they have no control over: the state general property tax. This is an extra tax assessed on businesses, in addition to their local property taxes. It limits employers’ ability to invest back into their business or to reinvest in their local community. All businesses pay this tax, no matter their size, geographic location or profitability.

NAIOP Minnesota’s public policy initiatives aim to work with policymakers to reduce the burdens facing business owners, entrepreneurs and employers. Our goal is to help shape business-friendly policies that encourage businesses to stay, invest and expand in Minnesota.

   Phil Cattanach
 Public Policy Chair

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Minnesota’s Commercial Real Estate (MnCRE) Impact

The commercial real estate industry is essential to growing Minnesota’s economy.
Every corner of the state benefits from its success.

Our Issues

NAIOP Minnesota supports public policy that is pro-business and keeps Minnesota’s economy healthy and competitive. NAIOP Minnesota’s priority issues are business property taxes, transportation funding and local government transparency.

Business Property Taxes
One of the largest burdens that businesses face is their tax bill. Minnesota employers currently pay an extra tax, on top of local property taxes, that is impacting the state’s ability to keep and attract businesses. Read more

Transportation Funding
Investing in long-term transportation infrastructure keeps people and businesses moving. Safe and reliable roads, rail and bridges are vital to Minnesota’s economic success.

Local Government Transparency
Cities and counties need to bring more transparency to the process of identifying where taxes are being spent. Read more

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